The book reviews for Les Ateliers du SAL are conceived as critical and descriptive texts that underline the academic interest of the book and provide insight to encourage its reading. 


Authors will transfer copyright of their work to Les Ateliers du SAL for electronic reproduction and for online publication.


Reviews must be written in Spanish or French. Emailed submissions to by 15th April for the first issue of the year and by 15th October for the second must include:

-Brief and pertinent title that the author of the review gives to the book
-Information on book following this model: [Author, title of book reviewed. Place of publication: Publishing house, year, #p.]
-Author’s full name
-Institutional affiliation (university)
-Email address


Authors must observe the following format:

-Reviews of 3-5 folios (13,500 characters including spaces must not be exceeded).

-Presentation of review in A4 with top, left and right margin of 3,5cm; bottom margin of 2,5cm, and single-spaced. Font must be Verdana, size 12. The body of the text must be justified and no other formatting applied. No spaces between paragraphs must be left. The first paragraph of the review will not be indented. Other paragraphs will show its first line indented by 0,5 cm.

-Footnotes must be very limited (size 10).

-Bibliographical references will be inserted within the body of the text. When citing the book that is being reviewed the quote will appear in inverted commas, followed by page number in brackets (e.g.: “la mayoría de las citas […] se dan en su traducción al castellano” (17).

When citing a work that is included within the book that is being reviewed, the author’s name, the title, the place of publication, the publishing, house, the year, and the page number will be specified (e.g.: “¿Soy yo quien me mira a través del espejo? ¿O es mi alter ego? Walter Ego” (Cabrera Infante, Guillermo. Tres tristes tigres, Barcelona, Seix Barral, 1991, 34). 

For further guidance authors can consult reviews published in previous issues of Les Ateliers du SAL (